Call-Ahead Orders

Our passion is tradition

For your convenience, we will be glad to take your order and payment over the phone. Since we do not ship our wines, a pickup appointment will be set up in advance. Your order will be packed and ready at the desired date and time. Please read the disclaimer below. Placing your order over the phone is signifying agreement with these legal terms and conditions.

If your anticipated pickup time is outside of our regularly scheduled hours of business (Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday), we will attempt to make all concessions to ensure that it is possible. We are, however, unable to guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requested appointment times outside of our normal operating hours.

We are located at 1018 Airport Rd, Pikeville, NC and our phone number is 919-734-0260. We look forward to a long relationship with you as a Secret Garden wine aficionado.

Terms and conditions: State and federal laws require someone who is purchasing alcohol to be of legal drinking age. We abide by these laws and may require verification of the recipient’s birth-date. If this proof is unavailable refund processing may take 7 to 14 days. We will hold your order for two hours beyond your appointment time and will then place the items back in inventory. Your paid order will be placed in our system and you will be notified for rescheduling pickup. You will receive an email verification of your purchased items, charges and appointment time. If you need to reschedule the pickup appointment it can be accomplished by replying to that email or directly calling us.